Model: ZX 020
Description: Small-Size Panel Counter
Class: Control
Electronic Counters
Manufacture: Motrona
Specifications: Low-cost position or event counter with dimensions 48 x 24 mm and 8 mm LED size
Power supply 10 – 30 VDC
Impulse inputs A, B and Set / Reset input
Counting frequency 15 - 60 kHz, depending on counting mode
Programmable counting functions: (count A with B as up/dn select, sum A+B or difference A-B, quadrature count A/B, 2x90º)
Programmable edge count (x1, x2, x4), adjustable proportional and reciprocal factors 0.0001 – 99.9999
Power-down memory (10 years of data retention)
Easy to set up by two front keys and menu support
Add-on frame for 50x25 mm panel cut-out