Faratavan Automation Products

faratavan automation products faratavan automation products faratavan automation products

faratavan products are in 3 groups:
-motrona product
-hpb product
-hzqs products

MOTRONA Products

Motrona stands for Maschinen- Kontroll- Systeme ( machine control systems). Our company has been founded in 1981. Since then, we are engaged in development, production and sales of electronic products for industrial measuring and control. Our special emphasis was always concentrated to terms like “speed” and “drive”, where our targets pointed to micro- electronic units only and never to the power range. Today, the Motrona product range, on this limited field, is almost unique worldwide in terms of functionality and flexibility.

-Accessories (7 Products)
- Control (7 Products)
- Interface (7 Products)
- Motion (6 Products)

HPB Products

HPB has been a leading designer and manufacturer of permanent-magnet AC Servomotor, AC Vector motor, AC Servo Drive, AC Drive , DC Drive for more than 16 years. HPB AC Servomotor, AC Vector motor, AC Servo Drive, AC Drive , DC Drive are supplied exporting worldwide through an extensive network of distributors located throughout Europe, Asia, U.S.A., South America, South Africa…..
HPB holds ISO9001 accreditation, CE, UL Certificate and produces customized motor-solutions of the highest quality in both large and small quantities. Our factory is located middle of Taiwan. The manufacturing facility includes a substantial machine-workshop, includes CNC-lathes, machining center and grinding machines, and extended areas for stator winding, motor assembly, manufacturing and finishing processes.

AC & DC Compact gear motor (1 Products)
AC Drive (2 Products)
AC Servo Drive (1 Products)
AC Servomotor (1 Products)
DC Drive (1 Products)
Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox (1 Products)
Motion Controller (1 Products)
Power Electronic (2 Products)
Rotary Table (indexer) (1 Products)
Universal AC Drive (1 Products)
VM Series Vector Motor (2 Products)