Model: FX 340, FX 540, FX 640
Description: Process Indicator and Totaliser for Analogue Signals
Class: Control
Panel Meters and Process Indicators
Manufacture: Motrona
Specifications: Totalisers and Flowmeters for display and control of the actual flow rate (i.e.liters/min.) and the totalized flow (i.e.liters)
3 different models with front dimensions 96x48 mm, 96x72 mm and 96x96 mm
Bright LED display 6 decades / 15 mm size
Analogue inputs +/-1V, +/-10V, +/-300V, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA
Free full scale and zero definition by front keypad settings Resolution 12 Bits
3 programmable presets and outputs. Also available with thumbwheel switches on front and with remote preset facility.
Free programmable linearisation curves, adjustable floating averaging filter and more.
Optional interfaces like analogue output, BCD parallel output or RS232/485 serial link