Model: PX 340, PX540, PX640
Description: Parallel Code Displays with Presets, Outputs and Interfaces
Class: Control
SSI Indicators
Manufacture: Motrona
Specifications: Parallel data input 20 bit, for display and control of signals with with parallel BCD or binary or Gray code format
3 models available:
PX 340 with dimensions 96x48 mm
PX 540 with dimensions 96x72 mm
PX 640 with dimensions 96x96 mm
Power supply 115/230 VAC or 18–30 VDC in one unit, aux. outputs 5 VDC/ 12 VDC/ 24 VDC for supply of sensors and encoders Bright LED display 6 decades, 15 mm size Free definition of zero and full scale by front key setup 3 programmable presets , either with fast transistor outputs or with relay outputs.
Optional facilities for front thumbwheel switches or remote preset
Latch function to freeze the display, minimum/maximum record memory, programmable key functions etc.
Optional interfaces: Analogue output or RS232/ RS485 serial link