Description: VM Series High Performance Vector Motor
Class: VM Series Vector Motor
AC Induction Servomotor
Manufacture: HPB
Specifications: features are :
A. Fully laminated yoke, high output torque with compact size
B. Low rotor inertia, fast response
C. Low rotor inertia, fast response
D. High operation speed range (up to 8000rpm)
E. Good reliability and stability
F. Available for continuous & Peak Torque even at standstill
G. High overload capability

The suitable extensively applications including of :
A. Injection Molding Machine
B. Blow Molding machine
C. Winder
D. Press Feeder
E. Rotary Cutter
F. Fly Shear
G. Textile
H. Printing Machine
I. Machine Tool
J. Robotic
K. Handling System
L. Packaging Machine