Description: Rotary Table (Indexer)
Class: Rotary Table (Indexer)
Rotary Table (Indexer)
Manufacture: HPB
Specifications: Specification :
A. Rated Torque : 45Nm ~ 150Nm
B. Max. Torque : 110Nm ~ 370Nm
C. Speed : 0 ~ 500rpm
D. Max. Allowable Load : 50Kg ~ 100Kg
E. Precision: subject to servo drive and encoder feedback device
Features :
A. Direct Drive
B. High Torque at low speed
C. High Precision, no mechanical inaccuracy
D. No Gear, Belt to enable backlash free
E. Compact Size
F. High Efficiency
G. Fast Dynamic Response and Performance
H. Low Vibration and Low Noisy
I. Maintenance Free
Suitable Applications :
A. Conveyor
B. Material Handler
C. Pick & Place
D. Indexer
E. Material Exchange