Description: PDS series universal AC drive
Class: Universal AC Drive
Universal AC Drive
Manufacture: HPB
Specifications: The PDS series is a high performance and multi-functions servo drive, which capacity range is available from 2.2kw to 55kw and suitable for broad applications. Its good features is including of:
A. One drive to serve various control mode Open loop V/F control mode Sensor-less vector control mode Closed-loop flux vector control mode Brush-less servo drive mode
B. Five operation modes:
Speed control mode
Torque control mode
Torque control mode with speed override.
Step & direction control
Auto positioning mode (position control)
C. Multi-function I/O (programmable I/O)
D. Various optional communication
E. PID regulator
F. S ramp
G. Multi-Speed (preset speed)
H. Electric gear function
I. Flying shear application software available
J. Rotary shear application software available