Description: DSP-BASE Motion Controller
Class: Motion Controller
Motion Controller
Manufacture: HPB
Specifications: DSP-BASE motion controller is built with the most advanced 32-bits floating points DSP with the PGA-based hardware structure to integrate its functions and increase the system consistency. The open architecture has PLC functions, which make our motion controller ideal for any application. The excellent computation capability of the controller includes general motion control functions, digital logic computation and arithmetic such as trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, exponents, logarithm, and square roots; it makes your program design straightforward. Not only does our motion controller support the standard G-M codes for CNC controller, it also allows the users to program for their special needs and build DNC (direct numerical control) and online command set that can be issued directly from PC. Moreover, the capability for the electronic gear and electronic cam applications and the hardware capture register for position searching make our controller widely applicable in automation technology. This wonderful modularized design will give you the least wiring, least time consumed, and the greatest satisfaction